IR35 Advice and Contract Reviews 

IR35 is complex legislation primarily focused on employment law but it can have a significant impact on your accounts and tax bill. It is often difficult to get a black and white answer to your IR35 status. If you are unsure about your IR35 status get in touch…. 

If you are a contractor or freelancer, IR35 legislation may have an impact on you and it is important that you have an understanding of this legislation and, most importantly, have a specialist advisor to guide you. 
To help you determine your IR35 status you can obtain a contract review. This is a review of your current or proposed contract to look for key clauses to determine your status. 
A contract review can be a good defence should HM Revenue and Customs open an enquiry. 
Remember, in order to escape the IR35 rules, the key issue is that you must make sure that your contracts show that you are a ‘self employed’ contractor, rather than merely a ‘disguised employee’ of the client. 
It is also vital that the terms of the contracts reflect the true reality of your working practices. 
We can:- 
Provide specialist, experienced advice on IR35 
Review your contract and provide either a basic opinion or a detailed report 
Work with you to make changes to the contract and working practices to try to better your IR35 status and reduce any associated risk 
For more information or to book an appointment to discuss your accounting needs simply call us on 01908 563250 or click here to contact us.  
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