If your annual turnover exceeds the VAT registration threshold (currently £81,000) you will need to register for VAT and submit quarterly VAT returns. There may be circumstances where registering early may be beneficial.…

Reasons for registering early:-

  • To make your business look more professional and established
  • To claim back VAT on your expenses
  • To take advantage of the Flat Rate Scheme

The Flat Rate Scheme is an excellent option for small business and especially contractors as often you can actually earn money by being VAT registered! Speak to us for more details.

Deadlines – VAT returns must be submitted one month and seven days after the end of the VAT quarter.

Where we come in…

We will:-

  • Discuss VAT registration with you and in particular if/when you should register and whether the Flat Rate Scheme is a good option for you.
  • Apply for VAT registration for your business. Registration usually takes 3-5 working days.
  • Prepare and submit your quarterly VAT returns for you.