Tax Planning

Whether you have a small portfolio of investments, own a rental property (or three) or are considering opening a limited company it is
important that you obtain some qualified, experienced advice …

Tax legislation is constantly changing and with it often opportunities arise that, with the right advice and correct planning, can help reduce your tax bill.

One of the key areas of tax planning for contractors and small companies is the optimal salary and dividends structure to put in place.

In other areas, tax savings can often be made by simply planning more carefully when to dispose of some shares, or carefully timing the purchase of some new equipment. Others however are more complex and require someone with up-to-date knowledge.

Where we come in…

We will:-

  • Take the time to understand you and your aspirations so we can take into account your short-term and long-term plans
  • Advise on the most tax efficient salary and dividend structure (if you operate as a limited company)
  • Provide advice and assist with liquidation of your company to facilitate Entrepreneur’s Relief
  • Discuss your investments with you and help you plan their disposal to make the most of your Capital Gains Tax Annual Exemption
  • Discuss Principal Private Residence Relief, Rent-a-Room and Letting Relief with you if you own rental properties
  • Advise on any other tax planning opportunities including company pensions