Start-up / Company Formation

When you are starting out in business, we understand that it is a daunting time and we believe that it is vital that you seek advice to make a positive start on your journey.

The most important place to start is to determine the most suitable business structure. We will take the time to understand you and your business plans and provide a recommendation on the most suitable structure for you, whether that be sole-trader, partnership or limited company.

Once determined we will set-up the business for you and ensure you are registered for the appropriate taxes.

If you choose to trade as a sole-trader or partnership we will:-

  • Register you as self-employed with HM Revenue and Customs
  • Register you for Class 2a National Insurance
  • Register the business for PAYE (if applicable)
  • Register the company for VAT (if applicable)

If you choose to form a limited company, more specifically we will:-

  • Form the Limited Company at Companies House
  • Register the company for Corporation Tax
  • Register the company for PAYE
  • Register the company for VAT (if applicable)
  • Register the director for self-assessment

We will discuss record-keeping with you along with how the business is taxed and the deadlines you need to be aware of.

Finally we understand it is important to keep costs down and under control. Our monthly fixed fees will help you budget and spread the cost of our accountancy services whilst ensuring you have the best possible advice. Please contact us for a tailored quote.