Taking a salary from your company? Or perhaps you want to pay a spouse or have other staff? You need to report all wages paid in real time “on or before” the pay date. Sounds like hassle? We can help…

The chore of running payroll is further complicated by the complexity of taxation and employment legislation and of course there are penalties for non-compliance.

Where we come in…

We will:-

  • Arrange PAYE Employer registration with HM Revenue and Customs
  • Set-up and run your payroll on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis
  • Provide payslips for you and/or your employees
  • Submit the details in real-time (as is now mandatory)
  • Assist you with Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and Statutory Paternity (SPP)
  • Provide P45’s/P60’s and run P11d’s as required
  • Advise you of any PAYE/NI payable
  • Keep you informed of the associated deadlines